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Let’s Explore The Queen Of Hills-Murree

By Maliha Inayat, Posted on 09 Oct, 2021 at 10:13 pm

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Let’s Explore The Queen Of Hills-Murree

A deep plunge into the Mountainous Valley!

What entertains the visitors most are the peace-filled areas, dense, lush trees, dramatic clouds on the roads embracing the city, and that's what Murree is offering you with all its heart. This dazzling mountain resort town is nestled in the Galyat region of Pir Panjal Range. You can find anything in this mountainous region, from all sorts of fun to adrenaline rush entertainment to mind-boggling vistas. It's been said for Murree that anything can happen in this city as romance lies in the atmosphere, intrigue is in the air. No wonder it's easy to fall in love with Murree, and yeah, you can have the best hotels in Murree too. In summer, green, refreshing hills hug the mountains, while snowfall covers the mountains in winter. So, let's dive into an eclectic mix of this earth and paradise!

Things to do and see:

Let's dive into the tantalizing places that seem like a snow-filled wonderland in winter and a mesmerizing fairytale land in summer. Murree is full of wonders; let's walk into the splendor-filled places!


Nestled about from Murree's main hill, Patriata is an exquisite mountain with towering trees and beauty-filled hills. It is remarkably famous for its amazing ski lifts. Moreover, the top-notch chair lift system will carry you to the Patriata top. If you want to have some lifetime experience, don't forget to hop in a cable car. The winter will welcome you on snow-topped picturesque hills, while the summer will proudly welcome you to stroll on the lush green landscapes. This lovely land is brimming with charms with cool breezes, and towering trees.

Kashmir Point:

If this Kashmir Point is not on your bucket list, believe us, you will lose a lot of fun on your journey. Because this spot is not just full of calmness and serenity but also a full fun-packed place, catch sight of snow-capped peaks while hiking. Many visitors flock here to avail themselves of morning offerings such as a stunning view of K2. Hop on the Murree Safari train to glance at the amazing spots such as lush green forests and Cadet College Murree.

Ghora Gali:

One of the most exciting areas of the Murree is called Ghora Gali, nestled in northeast Punjab. It is a mountainous resort with lots of hotels, shops, and resorts. And yeah! Make sure to taste the yummiest food with incredible vistas. We can bet you won’t find the same taste anywhere in this city.

How to get around the city?

If you are under the shade of Murree and considering a car drive, let us tell you driving in the Murree is best at giving nightmares. But, no worries, there are suitable alternatives for you. You can opt for a taxi, in fact, most of the visitors hire them. Catch sight of adorable vistas, breathtaking greeneries, peak-jagged mountains, and much more. 

You can also hop on public transports like buses and vans as they are readily available. But, only opt for this option when you want to travel with hordes of people.

Best Hotels To Book For Your Trip:

Nothing can be better than having the best Murree Hotels to stay. Recharge and refresh yourself at one of the best hotels; let's come and see what you can expect from these hotels.

Hotel One Murree:

This fancy hotel has a lot to offer. With a 24-hour front desk and room service, they also provide free Wi-Fi and private parking but on some extra coins. The rooms of this hotel are well-furnished, boasting a desk، flat-screen TV with satellite channels, and wardrobe. Plus, a private bathroom with a shower and slippers is also available.

Book Hotel One Murree

PC Bhurban Murree:

Pc Bhurban Murree is one of the nicest hotels, located at the top of a cliff overlooking the Kashmir Valley. As you enter, an array of rooms will catch your interest. These rooms are tastefully ornamented with earth color shades and are brilliantly soaked in warm light. The important equipment includes; private bathroom, flat-screen TV, and sofa seating area. You can also go horseback riding or just relax in a hot tub.


Maisonette Murree:

With a garden and a terrace, this property also includes evening entertainment and a shared lounge. Every room of this hotel includes a bed linen and towel plus seating area, a private bathroom, and a flat-screen TV. Moreover, you can get the around-the-clock desk service and free Wi-Fi.


Lockwood Hotel Murree:

Lockwood Hotel Murree is one of the best hotels with all amenities. There are almost 40 guestrooms with daily housekeeping and a terrace. Also, it has a refrigerator, separate seating area, premium TV channels, and a playground on site. Plus, you will also come across a business center and fancy restaurant.


Shangrila Resort Murree:

Drive to this hotel that offers tranquility with a garden, a shared lounge, and a bar. With a front desk service and free Wi-Fi, private parking at some extra charge is also available. The rooms of this hotel are well-furnished with an air-conditioner, cable channels, TV, wardrobes, and a kettle. Plus, the rooms have a terrace or mountain views too with a private bathroom and other facilities. Moreover, if you're with your children, a playground is also available for them.

Faran Hotel Murree:

One of the most comfortable and clean properties is Faran Hotel Murree. This welcoming hotel has many sweet rooms boasting a cable TV, warm water, and free Wi-Fi. Beds for every age are available with all laundry facilities.

Wrapping up, Murree is jam-packed with elegant entertainment options. Whether your idea is to soak yourself in the snowfall, climb up the soaring mountains, or pamper yourself in one of the best hotels in Murree, you are sure to find everything in Murree. And when everything you can get in place, what are you waiting for, just hit the road!

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